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In the past few years, major global events like the pandemic have completely transformed the grocery industry. Customers’ top priority is a seamless in- and out-of-store shopping experience. Employees need inventory and supply transparency and workforce optimization, all while prioritizing health and safety.

This new flexible approach has led to reimagined store layouts, new digital channels, and innovation across the business. It's a new era in grocery, one characterized by operational resilience in harmony with consumer-centric adaptations.

WWT is at the center of grocery transformation. We blend digital and physical cross-functional practices to integrate and activate solutions faster than our competition.

Driving more wins

Closing the gap between physical and digital shopping experiences. Identifying gaps in customer and employee experiences. Defining the right technology solutions. Developing an actionable digital roadmap, with a perspective on a build or buy approach to maximize ROI. From digital signage to shopping apps to loyalty platforms, we focus on continuously growing value and improving customer personalization.

  • Grocery loyalty program evolution

  • Curbside pickup and delivery integration

  • Enhanced online meal planning & catering experience

  • Click & collect e-commerce solutions

  • Mobile ordering online payment integration

  • Store associate productivity applications

  • Mobile & kiosk application transformation

  • Service counter line busting (deli, floral, bakery, prepared foods, and more)

  • Digital signage solutions for service counters

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