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Jersey Mike's

Jersey Mike's

Re-Inventing the Corner Deli

Eliminating friction points and elevating both customer experiences and sales across Jersey Mike’s franchises.


Jersey Mike's goal was to create an intuitive experience that embodied their culture and worked seamlessly for every customer. Whether it was grab and go, stay and savor, or catering, they wanted an experience that is frictionless, fast, and anywhere or anytime to meet the evolving needs of their customer and sell more subs.​ With five months and over one million orders, Jersey Mike's is owning their customer journey. The new mobile app brings the branded charm of Jersey Mike's Jersey Shore roots, surprise and delight with rewards, and gets to know the customer, so at its core revolves around their user's needs. As it grows, the app will continue to remove friction, improve upon its usability with new features, to keep customers coming back for the Sub Above.



Strategic Planning & Consulting

  • Business and technology mission alignment
  • Product vision, planning and management
  • Tech and platform assessments
  • Organizational and financial modeling
  • Partnership criteria, vetting and selection

Development and Integration

  • Agile software development
  • Agile team transformation training
  • Dev Ops | Platform engineering | Infrastructure as code
  • 3rd party platform integration Labs-as-a-Service

Research and Insights

  • Target- and existing-user research
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Operational and digital friction mapping
  • Competitive research and benchmarking
  • Product and marketing growth analytics
  • Industry and tech insights

User Experience Design

  • Conceptual art-of-the-possible visioneering
  • Product UX and interface design
  • Product guidelines and design systems
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We saved the company with this app.

Scott Scherer, CIO, Jersey Mike's


Ensuring every experience is seamless

Jersey Mike’s wanted to create an intuitive experience that worked seamlessly for every customer, while also embodying the brand’s culture of quality and authenticity. Grab and go. Stay and savor. Catering. Every aspect needed to make a shift. Jersey Mike’s wanted to deliver a delightful, frictionless, fast, anywhere, anytime experience to meet their customer’s ever evolving needs. They also wanted to sell more subs.


Seeing solutions with focused expertise

Quick serve restaurants have strong competition for customers’ attention with the advent of on-demand delivery, the speed of Amazon, and third-party ordering. To keep pace requires a keen understanding of back-end optimizations and their impact on customer experience.

WWT worked closely with Jersey Mike's to build a new mobile app and an eCommerce platform that offers customers more ordering options. Our team used modern software development practices and a DevOps-centric approach to architect and automate the infrastructure and application deployments.


Speeding customer satisfaction

By working and watching in store, WWT gained an understanding for both customer and employee needs. We identified the friction points of every journey. We overcame them by researching and designing a best-in-class mobile app for customers. Plus simple and streamlined tools for employees. By continuing to iterate based on analytics, we’re getting customers to their favorite subs faster than ever.

After five months and over one million orders, Jersey Mike’s now own their customer journey like never before. The new mobile app brings the branded charm of the company’s Jersey Shore roots to life. Revolving around customers’ needs. Surprising and delighting with rewards. Jersey Mike’s now knows customers even better. Even when COVID-19 limited in-store traffic, WWT's mobile app enabled Jersey Mike's not just to survive, but to thrive during it with record-breaking online activity and a market-leading digital experience.

  • Increased customer loyalty and return visits
  • Scalable across 1,900+ store footprint
  • Improved customer insights
  • Decreased friction in front of and behind the counter

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